Learn how to Spy the Lie and Get the Truth (Two-day Training Program 2018)




TUITION: $595 for 2-day training with Phil Houston, and a copy of the New York Times bestseller Spy the Lie
DATE: Thursday-Friday, May 3-4, 2018
VENUE: Stryker Center, 412 North Boundary Street, Williamsburg, VA 23188

Offered by Phil Houston, CEO of QVerity, Inc., and based on the New York Times bestsellers Spy the Lie and Get the Truth, this two-day training program, sponsored by the Williamsburg Police Department, consists of three core modules: Detection of Deception, Strategic Question Formulation and Delivery, and Direct Elicitation. The program is applicable to any industry, and has proven to be of significant benefit to a wide variety of corporate and public-sector enterprises.

The Detection of Deception course is a proprietary, interactive module based on proven intelligence-gathering techniques, and is designed to teach participants to detect deception in all forms of communication. All behaviors that participants are taught to recognize are cross-cultural and gender-neutral, so these techniques are effective in all parts of the world. Participants learn to identify verbal and non-verbal behaviors indicative of deception or lack of confidence, enabling them to focus on areas of concern during their interviews. Participants also learn how to incorporate their detection of deception skills into their existing interviewing and information collection styles and methods.

The module on Critical Interviewing focuses on improving the participant’s information collection skill level. The module teaches participants how to better prepare and strategize for professional encounters, and how to formulate questions that are most likely to achieve success in obtaining the information being sought. Participants are also taught how to create an environment that is conducive to information collection, and how to project a professional demeanor that facilitates the disclosure of information.

Our Direct Elicitation module is an advanced class that further develops a participant’s ability to collect accurate information. The course provides participants with a low-key means of gathering information from an interviewee who lacks candor or is unwilling to divulge certain information. The participant learns a non-coercive, responsible approach that maintains cordiality and a positive impression of the encounter.

QVerity’s training operation is staffed by former U.S. intelligence officers who are recognized worldwide for their experience in providing training in information-collection methodologies for government agencies, law enforcement entities, premier investment firms, and private corporations. QVerity’s methodology was developed by Phil Houston, whose 25-year CIA career was highlighted by his service as a senior member of the Office of Security. The scope of Phil’s work has covered criminal activity, personnel security, and key national security matters, including counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.


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